• Brittnee Bell

Learning From A Distance With Virtual Training Classes.

Week of August 24, 2020

Our goal was to reopen by August 1st, but due to the COVID cases' uptick, we have had to continue to postpone in-person training for a little longer. No worries though, once deemed safe to get back on the training floor again, we will be back on the floor. Until that time, we have restarted the virtual training classes with one twist from last time; the classes split into Intro students, white belts, and color belts.

The Schedule is as follows:


Intro Students w/ Instructors Imana and El at 6 pm

White Belts w/Instructors Yejide and Aku at 6:30 pm


Color Belts w/Instructors Keith and Nate at 7 pm


Intro Students w Instructor Imana and Byrd at 6 pm

White Belts w/Instructors Ariel and Jevon at 6:30 pm

Color Belts w/ Instructors Robert and Allen at 7 pm

The First Virtual training sessions are now in the book! Here is the discussion.

Questions of the Week:

  1. How do you manage your stress?

  2. What is discipline?

  3. What is power?

  4. What are your micro-stressors?

Intro Students' Virtual Training class

We are exploring the empowering principle of this art?

We discuss how to begin building that relationship with yourself.

White Belt Students' Virtual Training class

We reviewed the empowering principles of this art. We discussed how to apply those principles in your daily life.

Color Belt Students' Virtual Training class

Reviewed and discussed the empowering principles and how we use them in our everyday lives.

We discussed the importance and power of meditation.

We broke down how our mantras are our guiding lights through our paths in life.

Move Through Life With Power!

Thank you,

Brittnee Bell - Communications Director Tumfo Tu Movement Masters