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Aug 31, 2020
Thank you Nathan for your comments. These interesting times are full of uncertainty and opportunities for use to rise and step up our game. Both as teacher/students and as humans. What you refer to as a the dark times is an opportunity to pivot away from habitual behaviors and be the best representive of our true self. This is the hero’s journey. Yes, we must become the healer, coach, and protector. Holding up our values and principles to keep our communities in harmony. At the same time it is time for us to let go of the negative behaviors and thoughts that have held us back for too long. I agree this discipline as never run from times of difficulty. Running away has never been our value, however there are times where we must retreat to harness our resources, heal and evaluate our actions. This period of decernment allow us e.g. the community to come to a collective consensus to what is best of the whole. When farming one must first get rid of the weeds, til the soild before planting new crops. Sometime the ground may need to lay barren a season or two before attempting to grow anything. We now see the fabic of the society is foul and full of weeds. Is this the environment to plant new seeds in hopes to have a new bountiful harvest? It is my thought that we can not afford to get caught up in the momentum without knowing where we want to be and what that place feels like. We are the masters of time and space. We can choose to be patient and navigate through the mud and like the lotus - bloom. Yes, the collective consciousness has many solutions but from what references point do they rise from?