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Suit up!!

Now it is time to join the ranks.  


Females wear white uniforms which means “do not touch” while males wear black. 


Uniforms (gi) are for sale and are based upon size and type. 

  • This is the lightest weight uniform, weighing only (4.5oz) it is very soft, light and comfortable in the warmer months. Feeling light and airy, this uniform moves effortlessly allowing all energy to be harnessed into your blows. This gi is ideal for showings, competitions, etc. 



For your added convenience, you may opt to break down the costs into 2 easy payments.


1st payment: Deposit: 50% due at time of order.

2nd payment: Remainder amount, due at the time of order pick up.

0000, 000, 00 Gi -Black/White

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