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Tumfo tu Movement Masters

A girl wearing a karate gi with a white belt is performing a martial arts move on her opponent at Tumfo Tu Movement Masters in Dever, Colorado.

Real Time Real Life Self-Protection

Two girls wearing karate gis with green belts are performing martial arts, while in the background, two men in karate gis are also practicing martial arts.
A kid with glasses punching while taking martial arts classes at Tumfo Tu Movement Masters in Denver, Colorado.

for Kids

Learn to Manage Your Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and emotions are the baseline of what makes us “do”, or don’t do, e.g., you feel hungry, you eat. When we are unable to express emotions, we may become negative or frustrated. Tumfo tu allows students to bring feelings and emotions under their control and use them, instead of being used by them.

Depression and Anxiety Relief

Anxiety disorders affect one in eight children. Research shows that untreated children with anxiety disorders are at higher risk to perform poorly in school, miss out on important social experiences, and engage in substance abuse.”  Tumfo tu applies a simple methodology that naturally remedies anxiety with a very high degree of success.

A man in a black karate gi is kneeling down next to a sad girl in a white karate gi.

Increase Focus and Awareness

No one is born focused, we must train to obtain it. Through rigorous spontaneous application, tumfo tu is engineered to instill greater focus for

awareness. Through this process, we find success with many learning and behavioral issues.

Mental Clarity

The daily battles we face are those of the mind. Distractions, influences, media, and more bombard us all day. Tumfo tu teaches students how to gain mental clarity in the midst of the chaos, and still maintain the acuity to deal with it all.

A man in a black karate gi is playing mancala with a young boy also in a black karate gi.

Increased Confidence

As a result of managing mental and emotional reality, confidence increases with this experience. Tricks won’t do: experience at achieving provides sustained confidence.  Tumfo tu addresses this by working to create a “can-do attitude” through reflective action and a clear mind.

A young lady with a happy expression is raising her hands up.

Real Life Real Time Self-Protection

self-defense demonstration by a girl

In an ideal world, we hope to shield our loved ones from

the horrors of aggression. But when it comes to personal

protection, are we truly prepared?

Tumfo tu embodies the mantra of "Always Prepared;

Never Vulnerable!" We go beyond conventional

measures like insurance and safe neighborhoods.

We offer a unique real-life real-time self-protection

application that equips you for ANY situation. This is not

a sport.

At Tumfo tu, we prepare students to handle the

unimaginable. When an attack occurs, it's not just the

body that responds; the mind remains calm and stress-free, neutralizing threats effectively.

Life rarely gives warnings, but with Tumfo tu, you level the playing field. We empower you to face uncertainty head-on, providing the skills and mindset to protect yourself. Gain confidence and resilience to respond swiftly and effectively in any situation.

Don't leave your safety to chance! Choose Tumfo tu as your readiness partner. Together, let's ensure you're always prepared and never vulnerable.

Our Clients Say

A smiling boy is holding a wooden board with "Great job, Dio!" written on it.
"Thank you Inst. Robert!!!
The martial arts training at Tumfo tu Movement Masters has given me many things but it's the memories with my sons that stand out the most."
(read more on Dio's story here) 

Stephen B., Purple Belt Student

A girl in a white karate gi is kicking while at Tumfo Tu Movement Masters in Denver, Colorado.

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