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Membership Types

 If you are local, simply take 2 classes per week, based on your schedule (as much as possible) with no contracts.

   Membership includes:

  • Unlimited classes (at your level and below)

  • Special First Month Rate *

  • Free Workshops

  • Exclusive Retail Discounts

As a Member, you can always:

  • Freeze your account. Protect your current monthly rate by pausing payments for up to three months.

  • Cancel anytime. There are no contracts, so just email:  before your billing date to stop future payments.

  • Visit any location

  • Local members can enroll in online training also.

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The benefits of C-KS extend far beyond the physical.  You won’t always see the changes happening in you, but you will almost immediately feel them.  At C-KS, change (growth) happens within.

C-KS is the study and mastery of YOU. We train to release all of the worldly fetters that: oppress our emotional Being; riddle our metal Being; dim our astral (light emanating) Being; which affects all other facets of our humanity. 

There is a multitude of benefits at C-KS.  Each individual determines his/her commitment level to Self.  It doesn’t take long to realize that C-KS is a loving family and the applications we employ are a way of life.

C-KS Tumfo tu

Come in. Get to know us:

Current Hours

Tue and Wed.: 6-9pm

Sat: 10 am-2 pm

**Hours change seasonally.

Call Ahead.

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