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Not Too Late To Start A New You

Who says you must start the "New You" on New Year's Day? That "New You" can begin at any time of the year. I started my "New Me" on April 23, 2017, when I was introduced to Tumfo Tu, and I am glad I did. There would be no telling where I would be now in life without it. I was a person that didn't really talk about my true deep feelings with anyone. I spent so much of my life holding in my feelings for whatever the reason was at that time. There are many things I went through that I just wanted to be forgotten, but I just couldn't let go of them. That person within the "True Me" just wanted to make the issues go, but my stubbornness wouldn't let me. Being in tumfo tu, I have been giving the tools I need to deal with the different situations that arise throughout life past and present. To say these last 3 years have been challenging, but very needed to deal with the demons within. I now have been able to get on the right path to get really get in touch with the "True Me" and get True Peace and Harmony. The more I get in tune with the "True Me," the more obvious things begin to look. If you feel like you need a new start to life, I might have the perfect place for you to do just that. Check out either a hands-on session or one of our monthly showings. Let today be the day you start your new year of the "New you." Move Through Life with Power

Brittnee Bell

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