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The day Life got cancelled…

Monday, March 16, 2020. The day that will forever live in infamy...well at least in my books. I woke up with my mind set on having a semi-normal day. Just as I began to indulge in my uber-scrumptious pumpkin waffle, hopes of that flew out the window. My dad shared the news of the final round of closures...all restaurants, bars, gyms, and clubs will be closed. I felt a sinking feeling. Like I was just sentenced to death by starvation. I got a bit dizzy as the sense of isolation I had been fighting off since the first school closures finally sunk in and wrapped me up like a wet, woolen blanket.

I blundered through more of my day then finally called my sister for relief. She has the ability to reach through the phone and hold you with her voice. “How ya doin?” She chimed. Not good, I replied flatly, explaining my current state. I didn't realize it, but I was grieving. How many others are going through the same thing? Our global community is suffering the loss of general well-being in the areas of health, wealth and human interaction. There are theories floating around as to the origins of the virus, but I think what we are seeing is a physical manifestation of our spiritual state. Our society is extremely polarized. We have continually distanced ourselves from each other with beliefs and only makes sense that would show up on the physical plane.

Yes, we need to heal on the physical plane so it’s wise to take the necessary precautions. However, what this virus is asking us to heal is way bigger. Psychology Today, Medical News Today, the National Institute on Aging and Harvard Health among others have stated that social support and social interaction are among the most important factors in predicting the physical health and well-being of everyone, ranging from childhood through older adults. This time of social isolation is asking us to heal ourselves and heal our families.

For starters, let’s heal the relationship with ourselves. Many of us repel others because we haven’t made peace with every aspect of ourselves. Some of us have labeled behaviors or experiences “I AM_____” and devalued ourselves on that basis. As I have engaged in a meditative practice, I have been able to seperate who I am from what I do or what has happened to me. In doing so, I am better able to stand in my power, which has begun to balance my ability to give and receive freely.

Next, we have been “quarantined” with a specific group of people-our family unit. If these relationships are strained, now is the perfect time to ask why. Work, school and social activities can become a distraction. If we dedicate most of our time and energy outward, this first line of defense weakens. We carry any dis-ease from our home into the rest of the world, because the family shapes how we view and treat other people. If we are not one with those within our home, we will struggle to create unity with others.

As I turn this over in my head...perhaps it’s just the imitation of life that has been cancelled. We have been presented with the gift to create a new life...a life that is birthed from Divine Love, without falsehoods and pretenses. A life where our Soul can finally stretch out and be free!


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