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March 18th Tumfo Tu Newsletter

Virtual tumfo tu Family Meeting & Training

March 18, 2020

A big thank you for joining us for the first ever virtual training!


Chief Instructor and Instructor Imana spoke about why we have to have training like this for the time being. It is the best way for everyone to stay connected with each other during this time of crisis. If you are needing anything please do not hesitate to reach out to your tumfo tu family for help.

The 3 Principles:

Spoke about what the 3 principles are and how to utilize the principles in your everyday life.

  1. Mechanical Conditioning

  2. Point of Balance

  3. Direction of Flow

3 Types of Energies:

Spoke about what the 3 types of energies are during combat.

  1. Your Energy

  2. Opponent's Energy

  3. The Fight’s Energy

Other News!!!

Please check out the latest blogs written by our very own Lela, either on wix app if you have it downloaded or on the website under news/events.

  1. I’m an Emotional Person and That’s a Good Thing

  2. The Day Life Got Cancelled

Next Virtual Family Training:

Testimonials about Your Story

Brittnee Bell -Ambassador Tumfo tu Movement Masters 2370 S Trenton Way Denver, CO 80231


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