Due to  Covid-19, we are limiting the number of students in a class and increasing the availability of in person and online classes.
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Do you want to increase your power?

Manage your feelings and emotions better;
increase your confidence; and inner peace
while also increasing your striking power by 300%
within the first 3 weeks of starting.​


About Us

 "Mastery Begins with Self"

             – inscribed in the great ancient Temples of the

                       Nile Region.

     At tumfo tu, all that we do focuses on the “Self”.  Not your person (the material body),

but an honest in-depth examination of that inner Self. Coupled with every training level

there is a powerful philosophy

that permeates your core

which aligns with the inner Self to awaken

and bring it to the fore its intuitive genius in life activity. ​

tumfo tu is about You – mastered.

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