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Move through Life with Power

peaceful man in meditation and martial arts training in Denver, CO.

About Tumfo Tu Movement Masters

"Mastery Begins with Self" – inscribed in the great ancient Temples of the Nile Region.​ At tumfo tu, all that we do focuses on the “Self”.  Not your person (the material body),

but an honest in-depth examination of that inner Self. Coupled with every training level there is a powerful philosophy that permeates your core which aligns with the inner Self to awaken and bring it to the fore its intuitive genius in life activity. ​


Tumfo tu is about You! – mastered.

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Grow with Us!

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Become a Movement Master!

Our Classes


1st Step Series

3 sessions total

> 1st session is free! -

> all sessions are held

> in person at the Ebanmu.


Intro - Orientation

6 sessions total

Includes 2 free sessions of Traditional Training.


Traditional Training

After 1st Step and Intro training, you enter Traditional training.

> Unlimited monthly sessions

> Go through the ranks



What Our Clients Say

The experience and knowledge I acquired through my training in Kenpo was life changing to say the least. When I began training I was over confident in my ability to defend myself.

Photo of student

B. Anderson

I feel very fortunate to have found this group. It’s so unique because these folx work on mind and body through meditation, breathing, relaxation, and movement.

Letter "A" for Anne C.

Anne C.

I'm not going to say the martial arts training I've received in the Tumfo Tu discipline can solve all my problems, but I will say that in 5 years of training, there hasn't been ONE problem I haven't solved using the principles

Photo of B. Byrd

B. Byrd

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